Metalworking fluids

Thousands of companies around the world trust Blaser lubricants. For over seventy-five years we have been researching and developing our products to the highest standards of scientific technology. At our Headquarters in Switzerland, we run the largest R & D Lab of the branch where innovative ideas are tested and put into action.


Blasocut 2000 Universal is a water miscible, mineral oil-based cutting fluid.

  • Baik di gunakan untuk matrial : cast iron, steel and aluminium alloys
  • Warna : (sebelum di campur dengan air) green

(Setelah Di Campur dengan air) milky, green

  • Benefit :
  • good feeds and speeds long tool life
  • good human and skin compatibility
  • one cutting fluid for efficient machining of all common materials
  • economical through long sump life
Blasocut 4000 Strong is a water miscible, mineral oil-based high performance cutting fluid

  • Baik Di gunakan untuk matrial : High performance cutting fluid for heavy duty machining of cast iron, steel and aluminum alloys
  • Warna : (sebelum di campur dengan air) green

(Setelah Di Campur dengan air) milky, green

  • Benefit :
  • for toughest machining operations excellent tool life very good surface finishes
  • good human and skin compatibility
B-Cool 9665 is a water miscible, chlorine free, low mineral oil containing semi-synthetic cutting fluid. The characteristics of this product are high cutting performance, low foaming behaviour in soft water, good stability and low consumption.

  • Baik Gunakan untuk : Cutting fluid for low to heavy duty machining and grinding of titanium alloys, stainless steel, steel and cast iron. It is ideal for stand-alone machines and central systems
  • Warna : (Sebelum campur air) Kuning

(Setelah Campur Air) Kuning Transparan

  • Benefit :
  • allows high productivity long tool life
  • long sump life, biostable low disposal costs
  • ideal for high cutting speeds and high pressure
  • very low consumption
  • Protects parts and machines already at low concentrations

Non Water-Miscible

Blaser Accessories

Jetmix Drum Mounted

The Jetmix is the ideal mixing device for preparing homogeneous and finely dispersed emulsions of cutting-fluid concentrate into water.

Minimix Emulsion Mixing

The Minimix is an economical version of the Jetmix for smaller customers (pails, drums) with the same mixing qualities as the Jetmix.


The refractometer is an indispensable aid for simple and quick measurement of the concentration of water-miscible cutting fluids.


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